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Sunday, January 14th, 2018

Christ Is Mine

By Dr. James R. Miller

"My Savior." -

It is a great thing when anyone can say, "My Savior!" Many people can talk about Christ very beautifully and eloquently. They can linger upon the story of his life, and speak with tender accents of his sufferings and death. They can paint the beauties of his character, and tell of the salvation which he has provided. Yet they cannot say, "He is my Savior." And what good does all this knowledge of Christ do them if they are not saved by him? I saw a picture of two little beggar children standing on the pavement before a beautiful house, looking in at the windows, where they beheld a happy family gathered around the table at their evening meal. There were evidences of luxury and great comfort within the house. It was winter, and the night without was bleak, and the snow was falling. The poor children outside saw all the brightness and beauty that were within; they could describe it, but they could not call it their own. And while they looked in upon the happy scene, the storm swept about them, and they shivered in their thin rags, and felt the gnawings of unsatisfied hunger. So it is with those who know of Christ and his salvation by the hearing of the ear, but who cannot say, "He is my Savior." They see the deep joy of others in time of trouble, but around them the storm still breaks. They look at others feeding upon Christ, and witness their satisfaction, but they themselves stand shivering in the winter of sorrow, and their hungry hearts find no bread to eat. All our study about Christ will do us no good if we do not take him as our own personal Savior, and learn to call him "My Jesus." But when we can say of him, "He is my Savior," all life is bright and full of joy for us. He is ready to be ours, to give himself to us with all his blessed life, and all the privileges of heirship in the Father's family, the moment we will accept him.

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On Wednesday, January 14th, 2015 at 00:25 am
Oluwanishola Adebiyi wrote...

Jesus is mine is a good devotional thought each day we wake up and opportunity to be Saviour's friend.

On Saturday, January 14th, 2017 at 14:38 pm
Waisale Turuva Waivure wrote...

Jesus is mine is indeed a good devotional thought , if only we truely claimed JESUS almighty is our Saviour & to be Godly & righteous in our everyday living......very inspirational.. GOD IS GOOD...