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Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

Looking Unto Jesus

By Dr. James R. Miller

"Mine eyes have seen thy salvation." -

Travellers come home from abroad, and tell of the wonderful sights they have seen. They have stood among the mighty Alps, and been awed by their grandeur. They have walked on the streets of famous cities. They have visited the old cathedrals. They have stood enraptured before the pictures of the old masters. And they speak with pride of what they have seen. Yet it is a far greater thing to be able to say, "I have seen Jesus." The sight of earth's beautiful and wonderful things may have a refining and inspiring influence upon one's mind, may add to one's intelligence and broaden one's experience. But seeing Jesus changes one's whole life and destiny. It makes one an heir of heaven and glory; it transforms one into the likeness of Christ himself. He that sees Jesus is saved.

Some writer says: "Never lose an opportunity to look on a beautiful thing, for it will leave a touch of new beauty in your own soul." We may say: "Lose not the opportunity to look upon Jesus, for it will print glory in your soul." St. Paul tells us that by beholding the glory of Christ as it lies in the mirror of the Scriptures, we are changed into the same image. The old monks had a superstitious notion that if they would gaze continuously and intensely on the figure of the Christ on his cross which hung upon their cell wall, the marks of the wounds would appear in them the print of the nails in their hands and feet, and the scar of the spear-gash in their side. This is but a gross representation of the spiritual truth which lies under it that beholding Christ produces the real "mark of the Lord Jesus" in our souls. Looking upon him with steady, loving gaze, the glorious vision that our eyes behold prints itself deep in our hearts, and the "beauty of the Lord" shines out in our dull faces.

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