Listen To The Bible Online

You have always been able to read The Bible on The Vine Today, but now you can listen too!

Enjoy the spoken word on your computer or smartphone as you read along, or listen to the Bible as you drive in your car or take a walk.

The entire bible is now available in clearly spoken English. The New Testament is featured in a dramatized presentation.

Using the simple "play" and "pause" button controls, you can start and stop the audio at any time.

As you scroll down the page to read more, the bible navigation will snap to the top of the screen making it easy to control your reading and listening experience.

The Bible In A Year passages can be played in sequence or you can use the "next" and "previous" buttons to easily jump to other chapters.

The bible works great on most computers and popular web browsers.

We invite you to start listening to the bible today on The Vine!