Today's Devotional with Dr. James R. Miller

But she said, "Yes, Lord, but even the dogs eat the crumbs which fall from their masters' table."

Both the humility and the quick, eager faith of this woman appear in this response. She was not offended by the example Jesus used. She was willing to be as a little dog under the Master's table. The children were first served, and then the pieces they let fall belonged to the dogs. And even the crumbs from that table were enough for her, more than the richest morsels from any other table.

Thus both humility and faith were shown in her answer; and in both she is an example to...

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Herod's "problem" only became such because he...
3 weeks 1 hour ago
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This is God speaking direct words of comfort and re-...
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 He is always faithful and is Alfa and Omega, never...
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 All parents, teachers, and yes - even grand-parents...
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Covetous Christians will never mature spiritually, unless...
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 I did not earn much in care giving and many...
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 We must always remember, The King's pardon has...
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 Just a recent observation, that beam in my eye does...
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One of my toughest lessions that many days has to be...
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Dr. Martin's lesson are always good and need to be followed...
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  Hi Hannah, since your comment was back in 2010, I...
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"...until all things are acomplished." This...
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 Well, I believe God now works 7 days a week. If some...
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 Dear Friends,  It is a violation of Gods Law (...
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There are a thousand and one reason a christian will not go...
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 I wanted to comment that the use of " incense...
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Since you've noticed the error indicated by Teedee, please...
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Please read the WHOLE chapter, don't just take one little...
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           As the Bile puts...
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 Amen...praise God the father Almigthy
22 weeks 3 days ago

Hello everyone,

On 26th April I'll be flying to Costa Rica to take part in a 2 week training course with RescueNet.

RescueNet is an international group of Christian disaster first-responders who bring much needed medical and logistical support when a natural disaster strikes.

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