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Saturday, November 22nd, 2014

The Holy One

By Dr. James R. Miller

"What accusation bring ye against this man?" - John 18:29

That was a fair question. The Jews wanted Pilate to put Jesus to death; but Pilate had a right to ask why such sentence should be pronounced. No man should ever be condemned without a trial.

We have a right to ask the same now of those who condemn and reject Christ. What wrong thing has he done? What flaws are there in his character? Whom has he injured? The Jews attempted no answer to Pilate's question; indeed there was no answer possible, for no accusation could be brought against Jesus. He had never injured anyone. A little girl kissed her young brother's hand as he lay in the coffin, and said, "Mamma, this little hand never struck me." It could well have been said of Christ when he lay in death, "This hand never struck anyone. These lips never spoke a word that gave pain. This heart never cherished an unkind thought or feeling."

On the other hand, the life of Christ was a perpetual blessing to all who knew him. His hands were ever stretched out in healing -- until finally they were stretched out on the cross and fastened back there, but outstretched still in blessing. His lips were ever speaking words of comfort, of love. His heart was ever full of love and grace. Who could ever bring any accusation against him? In truth no one ever did; he was hurried to death by men's hate, without reason or charge of any kind.

This same Jesus stands now before men, asking for their love and their faith. What reason is there that he should not be received? What has he ever done to discredit his own claims? What charge of evil can anyone, the worst enemy, bring against him? Has he ever led a confiding soul into wrong paths? Has he ever disappointed the hopes of any heart that has trusted in him? Why, then, should any reject him?

The Bible In A Year

Ezekiel 18-19, James 4

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Proverbs 22

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