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Monday, October 5th, 2015

"Not Your Own"

By Dr. James R. Miller

"The Lord hath need of him." - Mark 11:3

There seems to have been no formal request of the owner for the use of the colt. Jesus sent his disciples to take it by Divine authority. So then the Lord has a right to anything we have. No property right that we can get takes the title out of his hands. We talk about our possessions as if they were ours indeed. Nothing is really ours save as lent to us by the Lord to be used for him.

There are practical inferences here which we must not overlook. Christ has a right to call for anything we have whenever he wants to use it. He has a right to ask for our money, for it is his far more than ours. When our property is swept away by some providential act, we should not murmur, but should remember that the Lord has a right to do as he will with his own. The same principle applies to the loss of friends by death. The Lord has a right to take them, for he only lends them to us; and when he wants them with himself he has a right to call them home.

Another thought here is that Christ may sometimes have special use for even the humblest of our possessions. The Lord had need of the good Samaritan's beast to carry the wounded man to the inn. He had need of the lad's five loaves to feed the multitude. A lady was trying to teach her child that she ought to give everything to Christ to be used in any way he might choose. "Why, mamma", she replied, "Jesus can never use my doll." Yet in an hour the child was letting a poor child that came to the door play with her doll. Was not the Lord using it then? The Lord may need our horses to carry burdens for others, or to carry those who cannot walk. He often has need of our money, our hands, our feet, our lips, our influence; and we do well when we hold all our possessions ready at any call of his to be used as he desires.

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