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Friday, October 9th, 2015

The Corner-Stone

By Dr. James R. Miller

"The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner." - Matthew 21:42

Those to whom Christ first came did not think him suitable to be their Messiah. So they refused to accept him, and nailed him on a cross instead. But now what do we behold? That same Jesus whom they thought unfit to be their king God has made King of glory, Lord of heaven and earth. All things are in his hands, all power, all mercy, all judgment. The very rulers who rejected him and demanded his crucifixion, when they awake on the judgment-morning shall see as their Judge the same Jesus whom they thus despised and condemned to die.

A great many people now think Christ unsuitable to be their Master. They do not consider it an honor to be called a Christian. They blush to own his name or to enroll themselves among his followers. They do not care to model their life on his holy and perfect life. All such should remember that Christ has highest honor in heaven. No angel is ashamed to speak his name. Redeemed spirits praise him day and night. God the Father has exalted him to the throne of eternal power and glory. Why, then, should sinful men be ashamed to own him as Lord?

They should remember, further, that God has made him the corner-stone of the whole building not made with hands. No life that is not builded on him can stand. There is no other rock on which to rest a hope. If they ever are saved it must be by this same Jesus whom they are now rejecting.

"How can they live who, sinning, never seek
To have their sins forgiven;
Who, knowing that the strongest yet are weak,
Ask not Thy grace and never know thy peace -
The gift unspeakable of thy release,
The pardon sealed in heaven?"

The Bible In A Year

Isaiah 32-33, Colossians 1

Daily Wisdom

Proverbs 9

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